Professional Training in Integrative, Metabolic Oncology Nutrition Therapy

250-Hour Oncology Nutrition Consulting (ONC) Certification Program 
Fall Term 2022 Application deadline September 16th, 2022

The Oncology Nutrition Institute (ONI) provides evidence-based educational certification and training programs in the field of modern, metabolic, innovative, integrative, and outcomes-based oncology nutrition therapy. We are a 100% online school teaching practitioners from around the globe about the medicinal potential of therapeutic diets (i.e. ketogenic, AIP, Low FODMAP, tube feeding), the safe use of nutrition alongside conventional treatments, assessment tools (i.e. nutrigenomics, lab markers), micronutrients, phytonutrients, lifestyle techniques, nutritional psychology, and more.

Our flagship 250-Hour Oncology Nutrition Consulting (ONC) certification program is an intensive training program designed for qualified nutrition, health, and medical practitioners.​ The program consists of four, 10-week courses and a final exam. Assessments are graded by instructors, and each term there are live office hours and guest lectures. Students have weekly reading assignments, presentations to view, and assessments to complete.


We believe that holistic, therapeutic, metabolic nutrition should be part of the standard of care. The world needs more qualified practitioners to help support clients/patients improve quality and quantity of life using dietary therapies, nutrition interventions, and lifestyle modifications. The World Health Organization estimates more than 50% of the world's population will have cancer in their lifetime. This specialty program will not only enhance your practice, it also encourages students to focus on their own health. Start learning terrain-based proactive and preventative protocols in oncology nutrition therapy today.



"The Oncology Nutrition Institute provides sensible, evidence-based approaches to nutritional patient care during the cancer journey. The educational experience was informative, interesting and engaging, looking at each cancer with separate protocols, highlighting the importance of ethical, safe advice. The material provided is current and peppered with exceptional guest lecturers, all of whom are world leaders in this field of therapy. I thoroughly enjoyed the assignments which cleverly built the basis of practice guidelines. A valuable course for practice."

Teresa Mitchell-Paterson, ND, PhDc

Surry Hills, Australia

"I absolutely LOVED the program. It has been a wonderful experience and provided so much information that I was needing to be a betterpractitioner for all of our patients." 

Kathryn Holly Mott RD, HHC

San Diego, California

An estimated 85% of all cancer cases are directly caused by diet and lifestyle. Food choices can determine sickness or health. Our 250-Hour certification program deeply educates which dietary patterns contribute to the cancer process and which have shown to avert it. ONC™ students learn how and when to safely and effectively customize a variety of therapeutic diets and lifestyle medicine protocols based on an individual.

The information presented in our programs is based on over 1,000 published studies, papers, and books that provide the evidence to empower students to guide others using the therapeutic potential of nutrition. Our programs also educate qualified practitioners how to use Oncology Nutrition Consulting (ONC)™ as a compliment to conventional treatment. Metabolic dietary therapy has been proven to be an effective adjuvant therapy, enhancing the effectiveness of standard treatments including chemotherapy while also helping mitigate side effects and improve quality of life. Our students make a difference.

The Oncology Nutrition Institute advocates for research, evidence-based, and safe metabolically-focused diet and lifestyle approaches to help improve quality of life and risk for disease. Oncology Nutrition Consulting is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or cure for cancer or any other disease and should not substitute regular medical care.


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