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Guest Lectures, Classes & CEU Trainings

The Oncology Nutrition Institute trains health and medical professionals in the field of modern, metabolic nutrition therapy. These short classes and trainings are geared toward practitioners, however are also appropriate for curious members of the public. None of the information presented is intended to prevent, diagnose, cure, or treat cancer, or any other disease, and should not replace or substitute regular medical care. The information and views presented by our guest lecturers do not necessarily reflect the views of the Oncology Nutrition Institute. 


Public viewers that would like more education or would like to consult with a certified Oncology Nutrition Consultant (ONC) please click here. All classes, trainings, and guest lectures are free for our enrolled 250-Hour ONC students, and are also included in the 40-week curriculum. If you have more questions about any of our programs, please send the office an email:, we love talking about metabolic oncology nutrition!

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Evergreen Education


Free Introduction Class

Topic: The A, B, Cs of Metabolic Oncology Nutrition
Presenter: Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, ONC
Recorded: June 2022
Includes: Slides and video recording
Cost: Free - Presented by Healing Journey's 

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide a basic introduction to the Oncology Nutrition Institute's approach to modern, metabolic oncology nutrition therapy

  • Explain the evidence behind importance of dietary therapy in the cancer landscape

  • Deepen the understanding of a terrain vs. target approach 

  • Understand the importance of bio-individualizing and assessments

  • Provide the top three nutrition approaches to create a environment that is inhospitable to cancer

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Guest Lecture

Topic: Deutenomics - Introduction and Clinical Application of Deuterium Depletion
Presenter: Petra Davelaar, ND, CNS
Recorded: April 2022
Includes: Slides, audio, video recording
Cost: Free 

Learning Objectives:

  • Introducing deuterium

  • The kinetic Isotope effects of deuterium

  • Deuterium in Excess - Making Connections

  • How we deplete naturally

  • Therapies that deplete

  • Deuterium Depletion and Cancer Research

  • Deuterium Scavengers

  • For whom is Depletion important and where to start


Guest Lecture

Topic: The Psychology of Eating Healthy
Presenter: Matty Lansdown
Recorded: February 2022
Includes: 60-minute audio and video lecture
Cost: Free, Sponsored By Myriam's Hemp

Learn the role psychology plays in the behavior change process when it coms to making healthy dietary choices with Matty Lansdown, a scientist, nutritionist, blogger (How Not to Get Sick and Die), and health coach that specializes in weight loss and self confidence for women and busy mother’s.


Guest Lecture

Topic: Nourishing Your Ecology
Presenter: Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P, BNI, INHC
Recorded: July 2021
Includes: 60-minute video and audio lecture with slide deck
Cost: $10 USD

Optimal function of the digestive system is required to ensure that food is properly broken down and absorbed. A consistent supply of essential micronutrients is critical for this function. The gut microbiome, host immune system, and dietary exposures to micronutrients and phytonutrients influence the systems and biological processes that can shift us toward resilient health or dysfunction and disease. Understanding this interplay may help guide cancer susceptibility, prevention and treatment strategies.

Lung Cancer or Pneumonia. Doctor check up x-ray image have problem lung tumor of patient..


Topic: Nutrigenomic and Nutrient Considerations in Lung Cancer
Presenter: Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, ONC
Recorded: May 2021
Includes: 60-minute video lecture, slides, and Moss Report excerpt
Cost: $20 USD

Genetic evaluation can assist in customizing therapeutic nutrition approaches for various types of cancer. In this lecture students will learn certain genes deemed worthy of assessment specific to lung health and nutrient considerations for lung health. The class presented by Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, ONC, is complimented by a pdf guide to nutrition considerations compiled by Dr. Ralph Moss and is a short except from a sample Moss Report.



Topic: Nutrition and CBC Analysis 
Presenter: Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO
Recorded: February 2020
Includes: 90-minute video lecture and slides 
Cost: $20 USD

Learn from ONI Board Member Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, in an online educational video training on how to analyze a common blood test, the complete blood count (CBC) and utilize these understandings to offer nutritional recommendations. Please note: This training is best suited for practitioners with some level of previous understanding of blood work.

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CEU Training

Topic: Applications of the Ketogenic Diet in Clinical Settings
Presenter: Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, ONC
Recorded: February 2020 @ the Menorah Medical Center in Kansas
Includes: Three hours of video recordings, handouts, and worksheets.
Cost: $150 USD

This training is for the practicing health professional looking to integrate the use of the ketogenic diet for cancer, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions into their clinical practice. 

Students that take this 3-hour training will:

  • Develop the confidence to safely and effectively integrate the ketogenic diet into their practice with authority

  • Troubleshoot common challenges

  • Learn clinical considerations

  • Understand how to design a ketogenic diet

  • Master monitoring and evaluation of ketones and glucose

  • Gain confidence looking at various lab markers to help customize dietary nuances for clients/patients

For a certificate of completion and four (4) Category I CEUs from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), the practitioner must demonstrate successful completion of all course materials and assessments. 


Guest Lecture

Topic: Conversations in Oncology and Evidence of Dietary Therapies
Presenter: Dr. Ralph Moss, PhD
Recorded: May 2021
Includes: 60-minute audio and video lecture recordings
Cost: Free

An in-depth conversation with Dr. Ralph Moss about cancer industry history and the evidence surrounding various dietary approaches in the cancer landscape. After being fired by MSKCC as a whistle-blower in 1977, Moss wrote The Cancer Industry (1980), a full-scale exposé of President Nixon’s “War on Cancer.” This book, featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes, took an in-depth look at the confluence of money and medicine in the cancer field.  Valuable insights to be had from this icon.

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